Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Lil Jon featuring E-40 and Sean Paul of the YoungbloodZ - Snap Yo Fingers (2006)

** (of four)

It's been well over two years, and you still can't go to a bar in the suburbs without hearing drunk white boys impersonating Dave Chappelle impersonating Lil Jon and his three one-word catchphrases. ("Yayyyuhh!!" "Ohhh-KAY!!!" "Whattt??!") He's become this sick, cliched comic icon, and even though Lil Jon's persona immediately leant itself to imitation, Jon shows no signs of adding anything new to the mix. He still rocks the huge sunglasses, the dreads, the gold chains, the platinum teeth and the chalice full of Patron. Still gleefully gets on everyone's nerves.

Still, there's something oddly endearing about this idiot, and his hoarsely shouted choruses and simple synth lines have an element of catchiness. You can't take Lil Jon's music seriously, but you know it's not meant to be taken seriously either, so you can't exactly hate it. It's just's some dumbass shit that's there to be endured and possibly even enjoyed through a chemical buzz of any sort.

Hype Williams, still in his double-letterbox phase, nonetheless leaves the top and bottom bars black for most of the "Snap Yo Fingers" video. The rappers and handful of dancers mug in front of a blue screen on an empty soundstage, while spastic color tracers surround them and multihued strobe lights flash. It's not intolerable or outrageous, just somewhere in between. And you can be sure you'll hear a "Yayyyuhh!!" an "Ohhh-KAY!!!" and a "Whattt??!" before the video's end.


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