Thursday, May 11, 2006

Yellowcard - Rough Landing, Holly (2005)

*** (of four)

My first experience with a Yellowcard video yielded a short, rude review. The second time around, with "Rough Landing, Holly," director Marc Webb has given me a video that's held my attention. The Alan Cumming-lookalike lead singer spends four minutes stuck in an episode of "Quantum Leap" on crystal meth, except that he's only in the same place for like three seconds at a time, has no mission to accomplish and doesn't have the help of Al or Ziggy.

The Cumming doppelganger is first seen lying in bed, where he sets down the book he's reading and gets sucked into his bright red comforter. Travels through some sort of silk comforter vortex and ends up in the bed of a hot, slumbering brunette. Whose husband is standing at the dresser with a pissed-off look on his face. Cumming escapes out the bathroom window and reappears crawling out of a manhole and onto an empty street. Ten seconds later, he's in a Chinese nightclub. Twenty seconds after that, he's running down an empty school hallway.

One crack house, one briefcase of holy water, one underwater poker-game sequence, one hospital visit, one youth riot and one bizarre kissing game later, we're left with one of the more visually compelling videos on the MTV Hits channel's current playlist. Sure, it apes the far superior Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, and sure, the song is indistinguishable pop-punk, but it adds up to a damn entertaining package.


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